Hi all,

I’ve created an environment (default) under Power Platform. I then created a Canvas PowerApp and couple of flows under a single solution.

I then decided to move all objects into a new Environment (currently Dev – Trial) and emptied the Default environment from its content to keep it clean as much as possible.

When trying to convert the new environment into Production, I get a message I don’t have capacity as the Default environment consumes more the 1GB for the DB.


  • I don’t use CDS so I don’t believe there should be a database there (it is not Dynamics related environment).
  • I’m ok with purchasing ‘Common Data Service Database 1GB Capacity’ but I’m not convinced I require one (again, not using CDS) and also, I don’t know how much storage is required for my environment to be converted to production (1gb? 5gb? 10gb? More?). As it is currently under trial (trying to convert to licensed production), the admin page does not count the sizing, only post conversion which I can’t do without knowing the sizing (feels like what comes first… the chicken or the egg).
  • Lastly, if I need to buy database capacity, it feels a bit extreme to charge $54 AUD for 1GB (monthly) which is the entry point. I literally have to buy it the minute I create an environment (as the Default one immediately captures all).

What I’m really after is:

  1. How can I shrink down the size of my Default Environment. If it’s CDS related (which again, I’m not using it) – how do I remove it?
  2. How can get better understanding of my new (trial) environment sizing so I can convert it?
  3. How can I make sure the new environment does not include CDS DB in it? It’ll be a waste to pay monthly $54 for space I won’t be using.

Help / advice would be much appreciated.


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Never mind, all sorted.
Carry on 😉

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