At go-live, if you transfer a TB as an opening balance you’re likely to be midway through a VAT period (2 months out of 3, for example) so your input/output accounts will have a balance.

When you get to the end of that period the users will want to settle the total balance for all 3 months, however, the system won’t have any actual TaxTrans transactions from the opening balance, so the Settle and Post function will only process the transactions from the 3rd month.

With Making Tax Digital this poses an issue, since you must report from the financial system, D365FinOps. The electronic messaging solution delivered by MSFT generates the VAT submission figures from the Settle and Post VAT function. As such, the first 2 months will not be included in the electronic submission.

What’s the best way to get around this and get the values for those first 2 months included in the electronic messaging?

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