Those Dynamics Guys Community Leaders

Below you will see the amazing community members of TDG that have been selected to be CL’s (Community Leaders) this is split into Geographic location. Reach out to your CLs or to us to hear how you can get involved with TDG and work towards our community goal of:

“Improving knowledge sharing and collaboration within the community by reducing barriers”.

Samit Saini

Biography: My name is Samit Saini I have been working at Heathrow for 14 years and have no technology background, I am self taught in PowerApps, PowerBi, Flow and Sharepoint and now empower others to do the same. If I can do it you can do it to! Finding new ways of working at Heathrow and now I’m a Adoption Specialist.


Charles Osei

Biography: Charles is a Dynamics Technical Consultant and MCSE with software development experience in .NET, JavaScript, SQL and Azure services. He has been involved in multiple Dynamics implementations as well as data integration using BizTalk. Currently getting involved in all things in around the business applications platform such as PowerApps and Flow.


Rory Neary

Biography: Rory Neary is UK based Microsoft Power Platform and Office 365 Consultant with audit and finance background as a qualified ACA.

Rory is Active in the BI community as a presenter, through blogging on LinkedIn and the Dynamics365Society in addition to running the ‘DataSpinners’ youtube channel at

Rory has worked with many large organisations over the last 20 years including the UK Parliament Digital Service, Biffa Plc and Imperial Holdings BV and has helped organisations to complete their Office 365 vision in more recent times.

When he’s not creating digital forms in a professional sense he can be found building Apps and reports to stretch the Power Platform in addition to dreaming up and sharing some very ‘unprofessional’ ones including ‘Where’s Kylo (the dog)’!



Jamie Barker

Biography: Accidental tech enthusiast and a “Citizen Developer” focusing on Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, PowerApps and Flow. I love to solve business challenges using the power platform and given half a chance to talk about its potential to anyone that will listen. Passion for sharing my findings and thoughts as I navigate through the power platform and eager to hear others experiences as well.

The little life I have outside of the power platform revolves around my family and rugby, also have another platform that I love when given half a chance…. Olympic lifting. Aside from that like the normal things in life, beer, music, scuba diving etc..



Sarang Kusare

Biography: A Dynamics 365 FinOps enthusiast. I am in the field of Dynamics 365 FinOps consulting for close to 10 years now. I specialize in Project management and accounting module and I am certified in it as well. Have worked on some of the complex projects in project management and accounting area. I am passionate about Dynamics365 FinOps and wish to learn and share what I have learnt. Hence I blog about the things I learn and publish it on . I am ISTQB certified as well. Apart from Dynamics 365 FinOPs, I am an avid blogger and have two more blogs called and . I am poet and author and I do have three books published as of now in my local language (Marathi) and have a youtube channel where I occasionally posts videos

Mike Hartley

Biography: I’m Mike and I’m really not sure how I ended up here.
I’ve got way too many years in the IT arena but have been a CRM guy since the dying days of v3 (we developed in v3 and upgraded to v4 a day before our go live)

Now an MCSE and easily excited when it comes to Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, and if anyone wants to ask me “Why should we…” I can talk your ears off with so many reasons. Ask me “How should we” and I’ll explore options and opportunities.

I currently work for a charity during the day, but have worked in all industries from manufacturing to education, startups to spuds – and pretty much everything in between.

My outside life involves my long-suffering wife, 2 teenage sons, and a daughter whose age makes me feel old! A big Petrolhead and Rugby fan, along with being a massively unashamed geek.

Find me on twitter and linkedin – and here!


Megan Walker (EmojiMegs)

Biography: I am Dynamics 365 consultant with experience in web design, social media and marketing. I’m a passionate blogger, writing about tips, tricks and ideas for non developer geeks.




Lucy Muscat

Biography: I am a massive Dynamics  Business Applications fan and strongly believe that, if implemented properly, the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform stack can become a central solution for every organisation – providing great value to each level of the business. Key to this is adoption – my main soap-box topic. You can have the swankiest system in the world, but without the buy-in it’s going to end up quickly becoming an expensive mistake. With the right planning, communication and strategic decision making this risk can be completely reduced.

With over 8 years’ experience working across numerous roles in a Dynamics CRM practise (both technical, functional and operational) I’ve delivered many successful projects and have been involved in all stages of project: requirements gathering and stakeholder communication, business process analysis, development, testing, user training and support. I’ve also been involved with overseeing development teams, external Vendor communication and project management.

In my spare time, I’m a gin obsessed, rugby-supporting, vintage car-driving, travel blog-writing uber-geek.



Michel Mendes

Biography:Office 365 and SharePoint Consultant with 10 years’ experience in projects for large companies, and with web development technologies. Worked for 9+ years in Brazil as consultant/developer and moved to Ireland in January 2018, where he is working as Senior SharePoint Consultant. Holds both MCSE and MCSD Certifications for SharePoint and MCSA Certifications for Web Apps and Office 365. Currently I have been focusing on delivering solutions with SharePoint PnP PowerShell, PowerApps, Flow and SharePoint Online Modern Sites, using most of the out-of-the-box Office 365 features.



Shidin Haridas

Biography: Hi there! I am a Mechanical engineer by education. Entered the mystical world of IT and Consulting for a whiff and has been smitten since then!

Am a MCSE certified Dynamics 365 CE developer and part of the millennial wave of DCRM developers who are blessed enough to start from CRM 2011 onwards. Love all things cloud and currently focused on Dynamics 365 solutions with the regular inroads into the Azure stack.
Just can’t get over how awesome the Dynamics communities are and all the awesome people in it. Kudos!


Victor Hugo Yrigiyen Rodrigues

Biography: 10 years working with Microsoft products such as Windows Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server and Dynamics CRM. In the last years worked actively as SharePoint Administrator of the largest Farm in Brazil and in projects involving Microsoft Azure infrastructure and Office 365. Currently based in Dublin working as DevOps recently discover a passion in Big Data, Machine Learning and Power BI.


Elaiza Benitez

Biography:I’m Elaiza. Friends call me E. I’m based in Melbourne, Australia. Currently I am the only female in the Australia and New Zealand region as a Microsoft MVP in Business Applications. I vlog about all things Dynamics 365. I am a big fan of Dynamics 365 for Portals and Flow. Check out my WTF vlog series. When I’m not behind the screen tapping away, you can find me out and about enjoying Melbourne.


Lisa Crosbie

Biography: I am a Dynamics 365 and PowerApps enthusiast and evangelist – I have fun with learning, experimenting, demonstrating, training and working out how we can use the Power Platform in new and creative ways to help our customers.  I have worked on both the customer side and as a consultant for Dynamics 365 and marketing automation systems, and I love helping people understand how technology can work for them.  I am inspired by the incredible community of people sharing their knowledge, and very excited to be part of it – I’m a “learn-it-all” – I can’t get enough!

Twitter: @lisamcrosbie


Ee Lane Yu

Biography: Engaged to Dynamics 365 (previously named CRM) since 2009. PowerApps is my new love.


Thanura Wijesiriwardena

Biography: Thanura is a Dynamics 365 Technical Lead/Consultant with over 7+ years of experience in business application solutions. His technology focus includes Dynamics 365, Power Platform, MS Flow, Resco and Azure serverless computing. He loves to experiment and share his experiences with the community.

Twitter: @thanurabw


Bruce Sithole

Biography: An experienced consultant with a passion for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its commonly associated products/add-ons. Outside of work, I enjoy playing & watching sports and contributing where I can to communities & people in need.

Linked in:

Nijo Joseph Raju

Biography: Nijo is a passionate contributor to the Dynamics 365 community and an experienced technical consultant who is certified and professionally experienced in Microsoft Dynamics versions 2013/2015/2016 and Dynamics 365.

At present, he is focusing on implementing dynamic 365 for customer engagement, Developing AppSource Applications, PowerApps and SSIS integration packages.


Kasun Pathirana

Biography: Dynamics 365 Consultant with close to 7 years of experience in functional consulting. Power Platform Enthusiast with the love for Data and Visualizations. Obsessive passion for learning keeps me going and learning new stuff. Learned a lot from Dynamics and Power Platform Communities and looking forward to contributing to the community. My Interests are Learning new technologies, playing & watching Sports (Specially Cricket).


Antti Pajunen

Biography: Blogger, dad, husband, whisky enthusiast and a huge PSA fan. I’m a D365 CE consultant and primarily work around PSA and Field Service projects and presales engagements. I have a B2B sales background from tangible goods and MSFT SaaS and decided to hop on the consulting side of the table a couple of years ago. I greatly enjoy contributing to the Dynamics Community and find that to be the best source for learning new things.

Kimmo Koski

Biography:I’m a Dynamics 365 (CE) Solution Architect who loves to play with the new tech. I’m a developer but as the years have passed, I also plunged into the shoes of a presales consultant. I’m a tech guy with a propeller hat who likes to innovate and create concepts to show new technologies in practice. I have been playing with Dynamics 365 CE projects for the past 8 years and I’m loving the direction where it’s going with Power Platform and it’s surrounding services. I have learned so many things from the Dynamics Community, so I’m looking forward to share my knowledge with the community as well.

Bio: Ex pro motocross rider and fell in love with business and business software, a quote I have is “Never Give Up” no matter your story.

10 + Years’ experience in enterprise business applications solutions. Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in business requirements, business processes, analytical skills and customer relationship engagement (CRM).

My Passion is being with my family in the “African Bush” all nature like. How is this equation (Wild Animals + Family + African Sunsets) = Heaven.

Currently in Presales for Dynamics 365 and must say I’m  Loving it! The people in the Dynamics Community are awesome.

Have a love for PowerApps, especially if we can help the younger generation.

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Geetha Sivasailam

Bio: I’m a Collaboration & Custom App Dev consultant based out of the US (Dallas, TX) delivering business solutions leveraging Microsoft Business Applications, Custom App Dev implementations and various emerging technologies (Azure/IoT). Power Platform enthusiast and enjoy driving business process improvement using multitude of Office 365 tools and technologies. I’m passionate about enabling others to expand their possibilities and act more effectively with emerging tools, trends and technologies. I’m inspired by the amazing community of people sharing their knowledge and very excited to be giving back. Happy Learning!